F-words - Finding a life of freedom and fearlessness, fibromyalgia and all

Fibromyalgia. Considered by many to be "f-word" of medicine. A chronic pain condition still not entirely understood by today's modern Western medicine. And living with it can at times really f-ing suck. But your life doesn't have to.

My hope is that if you're finding this blog because you're also suffering, and feeling disconnected and alone in the darkness, I can help illuminate the way forward, and help you to know that you are not alone. You're not crazy. You're not the only one going through this.

I'll be sharing information on treatment modalities I use, include resources around research going on in the medical field, and explore how yoga and meditation can be valuable tools to deal with fibromyalgia and it's many connected symptoms and conditions. Join me on my journey to get to know my pain, search for some softness, and ultimately learn to live in harmony with my fibromyalgia. 

It's likely not going to be smooth sailing, and yes, there will undoubtedly be many f-words uttered along the way.