Spring of hope

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur. Work has ramped up, I've been traveling for what feels like ages, but then I pause, and think on it for a beat, and I'm doing ok. 

On the migraine front I've started a new drug called naratriptan to be used a short term preventative med. Essentially I pull this gal out to help ward off migraines at the time when they tend to be worse: the week before my period. Knock on wood, but I haven't had a headache (at least a literal one) since Sunday. Work served up plenty of figurative ones, but those I can deal with. When I get back from my current marathon work trip I'll get my first round of Botox injections. So far everyone in the migraine community seems to rave about the effectiveness of Botox for chronic migraine (which is different than just your typical episodic migraine), so I'm really hopeful that some better long term relief might be in the near future. 

On the back pain front, again knock on wood, but I'm continuing to feel.... ok. Which is an improvement! Little to no sciatica over the past few days, and I'm able to bend enough to be able to put socks and shoes on like a normal person. Goals!

As for the extreme fatigue, whether it's the iron supplements or the placebo effect, I don't constantly feel like I need to pause and rest so I don't pass out, I'm not out of breath as much, and I don't feel the need to collapse into a puddle of exhaustion until the end of the day. Like a normalish human. The iron makes me want to vomit twice a day and my poops are black as tar, but you can't have it all. Life is about compromises. 

I felt good enough last weekend to even do some gentle yoga, and it felt great to just be able to move my body without exacerbating my pain or sapping my energy for 2 weeks.

Not unlike the little sprouts of spring ephemerals beginning to poke above ground at the first promises of spring, I feel a bit of life returning to my body, and to my soul. I feel a little bit more me, a little bit more hopeful. And so I'll waking up every day hopeful it will in some small incremental way be better than yesterday. If this season has a theme, mine will be that of a spring of hope.