Feelin' good ain't free

I'm on day 14 of my 17 day long work trip, and I'm still alive. And actually, feeling surprisingly ok. Every time I walk by something wooden I have the nagging feeling I ought to knock on it, because, how can this be? But this hasn't come out of nowhere. I've been working for this for weeks, trying to build up my reserve to get me through this trip. 

There have been hours of physical therapy working on my back and neck. There have been more massages than I can count (or that I care to tally up the bill for). There has been meditation, and gentle yoga on travel mats in hotel rooms. There has been a gradual building back of at least a small fraction of the strength I've lost physically, and a larger building back of my own vital life source and strength. There have been early nights in bed, and weekends in a city by myself using the time for some pampering and self-reflection. 

It takes a lot of work toward health with a chronic illness. A lot of work behind the scenes so that I'm able to sustain the normal day-to-day things. Lately it feels a little like all my energy outside of work has gone into sustaining my health to be able to continue to work, and that's exhausting. But, at least right now it seems to be working. Only a few more days and then I'll be back home, and hopefully able to settle into my usual rhythm. Hopefully then my energies can go towards more than just treading water to keep going day to day.