A light in the darkness

I've been growing this blog as my little side project for close to 5 months now, and recently decided it was ready for prime time. I put out the word to my family and friends, and the responses couldn't have been better. 

Acquaintances I haven't spoken to in years showed their support with a Facebook like or comment. Family gave encouragement. Friends helped circulate the link to their friends they thought might be interested. I took a leap of faith and put this deeply personal piece of myself out into the universe, and you all caught me.

What really got me though was those that reached out to let me know how much they connected with my blog because they too live with a chronic illness, often invisible to others. Our diagnoses aren't the same, symptoms vary, but the underlying struggles of learning to live with a chronic illness are very similar. I was moved to tears to know that in me sharing my story, the good, the bad, the fugly, I was a light in the darkness to another. This was my greatest hope for this blog project.

Friends have started sending in their requests of topics they would love for me to write about and share my experience on; things like how I deal with getting sick on top of my normal amount of sick, or sharing what books or blogs I've come across and found to be beacons of hope. I'll continue to curate the list, and you can always add your own requests either through the comments on the blog, on Instagram or Twitter, or in an email to fwordsblog1@gmail.com.