Home for the holidays

My cup runneth over. I have had an amazing Christmas Eve and day, surrounded by family (that I actually genuinely enjoy), lucky enough to have the means to provide many thoughtful and heartfelt gifts to each other, and in a place where my aches, pains, and fatigue feel far overshadowed by love, gratitude, and peace. 

But, the road to get here was not smooth sailing. It required a 1,000 mile drive (I'm not even kidding, literally over 1,000 miles), which began with me getting a migraine in the first hour. Not an awesome start. Luckily I wasn't on driving duty for the first stretch, so we made a quick pit stop for me to get my meds from the trunk, and grab my night time eye shades to put on to block out the light. In a mini-Christmas miracle the miracle subsided and my brain returned to a (relatively) normal state. Road trip continued on through the mid-West. 

Twelve and a half hours in the car later, we arrived at stop #1, my boyfriend's family home. The next morning I was up and off before lunch time to the additional four hour drive to my family's home. It somehow still baffles me a little each time I travel, but sitting in one general position for an extended amount of time is both exhausting and painful. Combine that with the fact that I am a miniature sized adult which means that car (or airplane) seats are just not designed for my frame, and the result is a lot of stiffness, sore muscles, aches, and fatigue. 

So what makes it all worth it? Family. Supportive family that lifts my spirits, and gives thoughtful gifts to help me feel better. A gift certificate for a massage while here in town. An open invitation to get in with the local chiropractor while I'm here. Warm alpaca wool socks to keep my always cold feet toasty. Gifts that say, "I love you. I understand your struggles. I want to help ease your pain if I can."

Some of us find this kind of support in family. Others find it with friends, who are as good as family. Some find it from communities, like that of a yoga studio, a church, or an online community. Where ever you find your tribe, love them, let them support you, and support them in turn as best you can where you are able.